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Fertility and acupuncture

Your wish for a baby is a deep desire wich can ask for a lot of patience and effort to accomplish. If becoming pregnant doesn’t come easy it can be very sad, frustrating and time consuming. It can create a stressfull situation in your relationship and intimacy. And stress is one important factor you don’t want to have in this situation.

I see women in my clinic on daily basis who are trying to get pregnant for a long period of time. Every woman has her own story. They all have had several good advices from their friends and families; “Just relax, let it go, you will get pregnant more easily”.  Quite often there have been many medical examinations with no clear results or explanations. The more frustrating it gets because there seems to be nothing else you can do to become pregnant. Then it is time to have a Chinese look at you body and mind on energy levels.

A healthy pregnancy with acupuncture

The Chinese vision on health is different and more holisitc including energy levels and distribution. Your cycle is like a wave with different phases. We look at the balance in your body. The first half of your cycle is the Blood phase (with the period, growth of the follicles and building up the endometrium). The second half of your period is more warm, more yang in which conception and implantation are supposed to happen. There can be a disbalance in one of the two phases, or on both sides. There can be a blockage of energy, created by stress or dampness or physical trauma. It is very important to check this out!

How do we improve your fertility?

We will look for stagnations and disbalances in your energy, check your body temperature and see if there is enough of yin and yang energy at the right moments in your cycle. I listen to your story, your perception of your body and mind, feel your pulses, look at your tongue and feel your belly to get a complete image for the diagnosis. To optimise your energy, relief blockages and bring all back in balance we can do several things. I work with acupuncture, lifestyle and diet advice, BBT’s (Base Body Temperature schedules), herbs and moxibustion. We can work on your fertility together, also when you are in a medical process in hospital allready.

Let me support your fertility, when you have only just begun or are in a IUI, IVF or ICSI procedure.

Personal care

The treatments are personally adapted, with attention and care for you. You can tell your story. I think this is important as most clinical procedures are not planned long enough to feel personal. The emotional part of fertility issues sometimes are underestimated. I am convinced that it is a very important part of becoming pregnant, to feel seen, supported, to be more confident and therefore to be able to relax more. So we can work on it together.

You can improve your chances to get pregnant!

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