Rates, reimbursements and profitable package deals

Besides the regular rates I made some more profitable packages, for the treatment procedure to be more affordable for everyone. You can find these packages after the overview of regulare rates below.

Reimbursements health insurance

Most health insurance companies give reimbursements for acupuncture around 40 euros a day, with a maximum per year. I advice you to check your supplementary insurance polis to check your reimbursement possibilities. I am a member of the professional association Zhong.

Regular rates

Soort behandelingTarief
Acupunctuurbehandeling65 euro
Korte behandeling o.a. voorbereiding bevalling en kindertarief (tot en met 14 jaar)50 euro
Hoofd Nek en Schouder Massage 45 minuten50 euro
Pakket 10 behandelingen550 euro
Pakket 8 behandelingen480 euro
Pakket 6 behandelingen375 euro

Profitable packages

As many conditions do not originate in a single day, treatment requires several sessions as well. I made some more profitable packages, for the complete (root) treatment to stay affordable. Beneficial and profitable!

Packages are including the acupuncture treatments, a PDF with a personal diet advice, lifestyle advice and if necessary moxa to use at home.

Pakket Relaxed Woman – me time!

8 sessions

Why? You are busy with your family, work, social life and maybe your body is changed by your age or pregnancies. We all want to be relaxed and healthy, be a good mother or friend. Acupuncture can support you in your health and relaxation. 8 times an hour for your personal health. You can choose the focus of the treatments; insomnia, allergies, stress related conditions, issues before or during your period, menopausal or pain problems. Let me help you.


Pakket Fertile Grounds – fertility

10 sessions

Why? Acupuncture treatments in fertility processes are mostly two times a month. Supporting the growth of the follicles, implantation or keeping the embryo warm and growing; we plan the sessions on the moment your body needs some extra support. If you become pregnant within these 5 months, you can use the remainder of the treatments for prevention of a miscarriage, nausea or preperation for delivery.

Pakket Pregnant Ease – pregnancy

6 sessions

Why? During your pregnancy you can use extra support, as your body and hormones are changing. Acupuncture is useful in helping with nausea, lumbago, insomnia, obstipation, anxiety, headache, breech presentation or preperation for delivery.

Pakket Enjoy Spring – hay fever / allergy

6 sessions

Why? Before spring starts it is good to start up the treatments to prevent hay fever to start bothering you. An early start in January or February, and the remainder of the sessions you can use to reduce the symptoms you experience during the pollen season. In my clinical experience I have seen many people enjoying spring again!

You can use this package for hay fever and other (food, dust, animal) allergies.

Pakket Nighty Night – insomnia

6 sessions

Why? Sleep is one of the basic needs of people. If something is disturbed in this natural process, it can quite harm your daily life. We can work together to reorganise your sleeping pattern. By a Chinese view on the nightly waves of energy, we can make a treatment plan combined with advices and exercises.


  • A free orientation appointmant takes about 20 minutes. We can discuss your condition, and the options for treatment. You can decide afterwards if you would like to start with acupuncture.
  • All packages are valid for 1 year.
  • Rates of the packages only are for adults. Babies, toddlers and children have a regular childrens rate.
  • You pay the package in advance, in terms of three months if you like. You will receive an invoice after every session for your insurance reimbursement.
  • You do not need a GP referral.
  • If you would like to cancel or postpone an appointment, please inform me 24 hours in advance. If not, I can charge the costs.