Lyanne WoltjerLyanne Woltjer

In 2001 I went to an acupuncturist for quite severe hay fever. I had tried all the medication available but nothing helped sufficiently. During springtime I could not function properly. Already afther the first appointment I was really impressed by the impact and effectiveness of acupuncture that I decided to learn this age-old craft myself. It still is really wonderful and special to be able to treat illnesses or disbalances with only needles. It is a very precious skill to work with, next to and in addition to Western medicine.


For about 10 years now I have been working in supporting children and adults in recovery and rebalancing. I have many years of clinical experience with treating sleeping problems, allergies and fertility or other gynecological problems. The Japanese style of childrens acupuncture  is a very useful and painfree treatment (no needles) to use for young children. Besides the needles, I use cupping, herbs, diet/supplement advice and massage.

The relation between body and mind and the balance in yin and yang (relaxation/recovery and activity/development) is an intriguing concept to work with. The efficiency of the treatments can surprise me still. 


I graduated cum laude at the TCM Academy, including a Western Medical year. During this study I did an internship in Beijing, in the International Acupuncture Training Centre. Every year I follow several courses to deepen my knowledge and skills with the best national and international famous acupuncturists; o.a. Giovanni Maciocia, Julian Scott, Yair Maimon, Hamid Motakab, Dianne Sommers, Marijke Pfeiffer en Yan Schroen. I am member of Zhong, the professional association of TCM practitioners.


During my studies I got more and more interested in and focused on treating fertility, irregularities in period and pregnancy. Hay fever, allergies and insomnia are my other main fields of expertise. After my studies I deepened my knowledge and skills in treating children Japanese style.


I cooperate with several therapists, teachers, doctors, midwives and coaches in Amsterdam Oost.

Would you like to meet me first, get information or explanation about the chinese treatment, please contact me. This 20 minute appointment is free and without any obligation.