acupunctuur baby

Childrens acupuncture / shonishin

Acupuncture or the Japanese shonishin technique (without needles) are perfect for babies and young children to bring them back into balance. Children have an open and flexible energysystem. Their resistance and many organs are still in development and therefore ‘manageable’.  Their reaction to treatment often is very fast, so they feel better shortly after.

Isn’t it painful..?

Do not worry about the painlevel of needling, most children are absolutely fine with it. Babies and young children only need a few needles, for a few seconds to manage the energy of the used points.  If you are not into needling we can use Shonishin or massage techniques to help your child. Shonishin is a Japanese technique using subtle instruments for stimulating the acupuncture points.  Older children, from the age of 7, have better results with a somewhat longer treatment with childrens needles.

Besides… children fall and bump continuously, they are used to some level of pain. If you compare the short treatments with the long term effects for them to feel better, why wait? Give it a chance!

When to bring your child to acupuncture?

It is amazing how acupuncture can treat

  • sleaping issues
  • bowel cramps by babies
  • chronic rhinitis
  • allergic astma / hayfever
  • obstipation, cramping, diarrhea
  • tiredness, fatigue, or anxiety / restlessness
  • recurrent earinfections
  • ADD
  • eczema
  • emotional issues like fear, anger, depression, anxiety or tension.

Keep in mind that the parents play a major role in the childs fysical and emotional health, as well as in their treatment. You can help you child by continuing the (massage) treatment and advices at home.

Bring him or her to the clinic, treating children is a blessing!