Pregnancy and acupuncture

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Acupuncture during pregnancy

If you are pregnant it is supposed to be a very special and lucky period of your life. Unfortunately not everybody feels great during their pregnancy. Women can have issues with nausea, pain in the back or the belly, edema, stomach acids, insomnia and fatigue, loss of appetite, depression or constipation. It can cause a quite uncomfortable situation and that is a shame of this special period. Especially when you have had miscarriages before, you can have problems staying confident or relaxed in your pregnancy. It can get in the way of your lucky feelings and we want to avoid that!

A healthy pregnancy

Acupuncture is safe during your pregnancy. Every treatment supports the nourishment of your fetus or baby as it supports the bloodflow of the endometrium and the placenta. During a pregnancy you can direct the nourishing energy upwards and inwards towards the uterus. You can support the Spleen energy wich supports an upwarts movement to keep your fetus in place. This is very important to do in the first trimester, especially when you have had miscarriages before.

Pregnancy issues

We can treat all kinds of issues during your pregnancy by working on your energy balances. I choose the points wich are working on the region of your complaints. For example in case of nausea, we can direct the Stomach energy downwards or feed the weakened Stomach energy. In case of headaches we can direct the energy from you upperbody downwards and nourish and support the Kidney energy wich grabs and anchors the rising yang energy. In case of depression we can nourish the Blood energy of the Heart and in case of constipation we can move the energy of the bowels.

By looking at your issues from a Chinese perspective we can adjust the energy in your changing body and hormonlevels and make you feel better!

Prepare well for the delivery

In preperation for delivery we can start treatments to support a prosperous delivery. It is proven from scientific research that a proper preperation with acupuncture from the 37 th week onwards on a weekly basis can shorten the delivery with 2 hours and comes with less complications. After the due date we can help to start up the delivery as well. There are points on your body wich have qualities to stimulate the contractions, the dilatation and therefore improve the chances of a delivery in time. (Those are the points which are forbidden during your pregnancy!) Your baby decides when he or she is ready, you can give it a signal that you are ready to welcome your child!


There is a Chinese moxa technique to support your baby to turn when it is in a breech condition. It is a relatively simple thechnique you can do with moxibustion at home after you have had the instructions and the moxa at my clinic. The best time to do this is between your 32nd and 34th week, but you can start until the 36th week if the conditions (the space your baby has) in your belly are okay.

I can help you feel better and have a relaxed and healthy pregnancy.