Hay fever or allergies

Acupuncture really works in controlling hay fever and allergies. Enjoy spring again! If you start early enough, in January or February, you can prevent the allergy from bothering you in spring and summer.

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What is hay fever?

hooikoorts allergie verkoudheid acupunctuurHay fever is an excessive reaction of the immune system on certain allergens; pollen. The reaction can vary enormously in seriousness, it can be an inconvenient issue or it can bother your daily functioning. It is worse at the period that the wheather invites you to come out and enjoy the sun. It can influence your life quite severely.

A runny nose, itching throat, nose or eyes, lacrimation, shortness of breath, swellings and tiredness are symptoms of allergic rhinitis / hay fever. Other symptoms can be headaches or malaise. Allergic rhinitis is similar but not seasonal; it can be caused by dust or mites, animals or funghi.

Anti histaminica mediaction are often effective, but often cause (severe) tiredness.  Besides, they do not treat the cause, they reduce only the symptoms.  In this article (in Dutch) you can read more about the Chinese view on and treatment of hay fever and allergic rhinitis.

Hay fever and acupuncture

Acupuncture is very effective in treating hay fever and allergies. For hay fever it is best to start early in January or February to prevent hay fever from starting in spring and build up your resistance. When the seasonal allergy already started you can suppress the symptoms by acupuncture, it will relief you.

Allergy and acupuncture

Allergic reactions to food, dust, mites, animals etc can be treated by acupuncture as well. We look at the cause of the allergy (the root of the problem) to suppress the excessive response to the allergens.  By working on the root, you can work the allergy out of your system. This works particularly well on children.

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