Lyanne Woltjer Acupun

Acupuncture, what does it do?

Acupuncture is part of the age-old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). In TCM it is believed that the cause of fysical and mental problems lies in disturbance of the energetic system of the organism. Problems like pain, infertility, allergies, insomnia and anxiety are only a few examples of this disbalance.

The energy disturbances can relate to diet, emotional stress, wrong habits, climate factors or trauma. Acupuncture brings the energy system back into a healty balance and allows the organism to heal itself, without side effects. Reorganising your energy by recovering your free flow and balance. It is a root treatment, because we donot only look at your problem, but also at the underlying cause.

Running and eating salads are not always healthy

We look at you and what lifestyle and diet suits you. There is no such thing as a general healthy diet or lifestyle. Some people need more warmth, others need to cool down. Some people need more activity, others need more relaxation. That’s why my treatment and advices are always individual.

Your problems will disappear, your resistance will build up and hereby we create a sustainable new and healthy balance.

When do you start with acupuncture treatments?

My clients are often already looking for a solution for a while. Sometimes medication is not working well or there are unpleasant side effects. Sometimes, it is not clear where the discomfort come from or it comes back every once in a while, despite several efforts to cure it. Illness can be hormonal, not understood or it is said “to live with it”. Than it’s definiltely time to look at your health alternatively, the Chinese way.

You can support a healthy balance yourself in making sure you have enough activity, an appropriate diet, well timed relaxation and a healthy communication. I can give you a personal advice. Acupuncture supports your own strength and recovery.

Let me help you refinding a good balance in health and relaxation.

If you have any doubts if acupuncture suits you, please contact me. An orienting meeting to discuss your problems is free.